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There's just no avoiding it: sometimes you can't resist knowing where your package is located and what its status is. Whether you need to know this information if you are out of town, want to know if the package will be delivered in time for someone's birthday, or are just genuinely curious about its whereabouts, tracking packages has become very common in these contemporary times. So, what information do you need to know? Read on to find out more!

How to use a tracking number

Tracking numbers are a unique numerical sequence dedicated to each individual package being posted, being scanned at the beginning of its journey and every handover in its journey. Being scanned at all these different points means that the package is trackable so that the customer can see its progress in reaching the desired destination. The package is constantly monitored with this number, ensuring that it will end up at the correct destination.

Usually, tracking numbers are the go-to way to find out your package's location. Often, websites online ask you to fill out your tracking number into a tracking tool in order to track the package for you. This is relevant for most websites and mobile apps, including companies of all the biggest shipping couriers such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS. With this number, you should be able to view the description of your package's location, with its data history showing where it has been and where it will be going next.

How to find the tracking number

If you're struggling to find the tracking number for your parcel, don't worry – companies usually make it quick and easy to identify this unique combination, meaning that you can track your package in no time!

You can try looking for your tracking number in the shipping confirmation – a confirmation email or text is usually sent to the customer when an order has been placed. The tracking number is often found on the receipt or tracking label of the product. With some websites, you will be able to log in to your account and access your shipping history page which will include important information such as your tracking number.

If you're still not sure if you have found your unique tracking number or not, to identify it further, lookout for a lengthy number between around 12 and 20 digits. Anything shorter than this is not your tracking number. If you still can't find your tracking number you can either contact the company you're purchasing from for additional support or else try using the reference number to track your package instead.

Shipment tracking status descriptions

When tracking a package, you can often find status descriptions on each step of your package's journey. Whilst some of these may be self-explanatory, you may not be clear on what others mean. To be absolutely clear on your individual package's status, read on for some definitions of the most commonly seen tracking statuses.

Arrival Scan: the shipment has been received and scanned at the company's facility.

Clearance in Progress: the shipment is being processed by customs clearance

Clearance Completed: the shipment has now cleared customs.

Scheduled Delivery Is Now Pending: the company is working hard to deliver the shipment as soon as possible.

In Transit: the shipment is moving within the company's network and should arrive at the destination by the scheduled delivery date.

Arrived at Unit: the shipment has been received by one of the company's facilities and is scheduled on time for delivery.

Departure Scan: the shipment has been scanned and has left the company's facility. It is on its way to the next facility.

Out for Delivery: the shipment has been dispatched to a driver.

Delivered: the shipment has reached the desired destination and its date and time of delivery have been recorded.

Delivery Exception: an unexpected event is causing the delay of the shipment's delivery.


Hopefully, this information will have given you more of an idea of what to expect if you ever need or want to track a package. Companies often do what is possible to assist customers who are struggling, so be sure to expect guidance if you reach out for support. With so many packages to deal with and so many people relying on postal express companies, it's natural for unexpected events to delay the postage of your package from time to time. Despite this, postage services do all they can to live up to their customers' expectations and needs both personally and in business. Use your tracking number today to track your package!

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