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Canada Post: tracking your package with this worldwide express carrier

Canada Post is a successful mail company originally known as Royal Mail Canada. As a Crown corporation, it is the principal postal operator in Canada. This company aims to meet every individual need, both for personal use and business use, to ship parcels, mail letters, and even market businesses to sell online. Serving every single business and residential address in Canada, it's no surprise that Canada Post has a huge retail network that is hard to be rivalled. The company also provides both inbound and outbound shipping to the majority of countries, with thousands of post offices helping them expand across the globe. To learn about how you can track your package with this company, read on to find out more!

How to track Canada Post shipments

With the desire and need to track packages becoming more and more relevant in this current age, Canada Post makes it easy for its customers to track their packages at every step of the way in the delivery journey. To track a package with Canada Post, simply go online and enter its tracking, reference, or delivery notice card number into the Canada Post online tracking tool. The Track tool will give you the current information on the location of the shipment, and this will update regularly as the shipment moves. You can also track with Xpresspost USA using the package's individual tracking number.

Finding the Canada Post tracking number

If you're struggling to find your tracking number for Canada Post, don't worry – this company makes it nice and easy for the customer to locate this number to start tracking their packages as soon as possible! To locate your Canada Post tracking number, you can find it on a copy of the shipping label or on the receipt.

What does the Canada Post tracking number look like?

To make things even easier, it might be worth sharing what your Canada Post tracking number will actually look like. This unique number usually consists of 13 characters, including both numbers and letters, or 16 digits.

Canada Post tracking statuses and their meanings

There are a few different status terms to think about when trying to track your package with Canada Post. If you are unsure of what these tracking statuses mean, educate yourself below with a clearer understanding.

Accepted: the Accepted status on the progress bar with an arrow in the middle means that your shipment is en route to Canada. If the arrow is at the end, this means that Canada Post has received your shipment and is now processing it.

In Transit: the shipment is going to a postal facility at the destination. This will continue to progress as the shipment nears the final destination.

Check delivery progress: this indicates that there has been an unexpected event that has disrupted or delayed the delivery of your package.

Out for delivery: the shipment is out with a driver on its way to the destination.

Notice left: the shipment can't be delivered as expected and you will have to pick it up when available from the nearest post office.

Ready for pickup: the shipment is available for you to pick it up

Delivered: the shipment has been delivered.

The background of Canada Post

Dating back to 1867, the Post Office Department was created in the newly formed Canada as a federal government department. The Act for the Regulation of the Postal Service took place in April 1868, which meant that uniform postal service was provided throughout this dominion. It was designed around the British postal service, introducing the postage stamp along with the idea of charging mail by weight rather than the destination. This service was called The Royal Mail Canada, before changing its name to Canada Post in the late 1960s.

In 1908, the first service of free rural mail delivery was created in Canada, with the extension of residential mail delivery being a major achievement due to the little communication rural Canadian residents had with the outside world before this point. The Post Office Department also experimented early on with airmail delivery, soon developing a regular air express service in 1928. The company continued to strengthen and expand into the success it is today, delivering billions of packages to millions of addresses per year. Employing over 60,000 people and continuing to push for exemplary customer service to meet every personal and business need, it's no surprise that Canada Post continues to be one of the lead competitors in express delivery today.

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