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FedEx: tracking your package with this worldwide express carrier

FedEx cooperation is a US multinational, Tennessee-based company specialising in transportation, business services, and eCommerce. Express delivery, courier services, and shipping services are all offered by this successful company, which offers international shipping solutions to suit any business needs. With expertise surrounding delivery services, it's no surprise that FedEx has grown to become one of the most successful and well-known shipping couriers to date. Concerning itself with international, time-sensitive air freight, this company continues to strive to tailor itself to every customer's wants and needs. If you'd like to know more about how you can track shipments with this express carrier, read on for more discussion!

How to track FedEx shipments

Everyone likes to be reassured that their package is actually coming, which is why many companies have set up an efficient tracking system to allow customers to view the journey of their deliveries. FedEx is no different. To track a shipment with FedEx, there are a few different simple options you can take. Firstly, you can track your shipment online with a tracking number, and you can also sign up for delivery notifications here. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] with your tracking number and wait for a prompt response. Furthermore, by logging into FedEx InSight, you can monitor your shipment and receive relevant notifications without the need for a shipping number.

Finding the FedEx tracking number

If you're struggling to find your tracking number, don't worry – taking just a few easy steps can have you tracking your package in no time at all! You can request your FedEx tracking number from the sender of your package, which will be located on the receipt. If you're still struggling to find your tracking number, you can easily track all your shipments online by using the reference number associated with your shipment.

What does the FedEx tracking number look like?

It might be worth sharing what the FedEx tracking number actually looks like to help you locate it and make your life a little bit easier. At FedEx, the most common tracking number format includes a long 12-digit number or 15-digit number.

FedEx tracking statuses and their meanings

There are common tracking statuses for all delivery companies, and FedEx is no different. If you like seeing where your package is and when it will be on its way to you, read on to give clarity to the tracking status terms.
Delivery exception: an unexpected situation may have occurred that will prevent the delivery of your shipment. This might include missing documentation or a customs delay.
No Scheduled Delivery Date At This Time: the estimated delivery date is unavailable, meaning that FedEx might not possess the shipment yet. A delay or exception in the handling may result in this status.
Scheduled Delivery Is Now Pending: FedEx is working hard to deliver your package as soon as possible.
In Transit: the shipment is on its way to the final destination place, although doesn't necessarily mean that it is moving at that moment.
Out for Delivery: the shipment has been scanned and is on a pallet to be loaded on a FedEx truck ready to be driven out for delivery.
Delivered: the shipment has been delivered to the final destination.

The background of FedEx

Even the most admired brands in the world have to start from somewhere. FedEx was born back in 1971 as its previous name, Federal Express Cooperation, in Tennessee, by 28-year-old Frederick Smith. This incredible company which continues to dominate the market of delivery stemmed from an idea Smith wrote down in a term paper for his Yale University economics class, which highlighted an idea about an overnight delivery service. He believed he could find a business niche by specialising in air freight, with speed being a lot more important than cost in his personal view. Single hubs would allow for the control that got parcels to destinations overnight, whilst company-owned planes would free the service from shipping regulations and the limits of airline schedules.
Smith chose centrally located Memphis as his hub, with its airport rarely closing. Injecting his father's inheritance into the company allowed Smith's dream to become a reality: it continued to pursue dominance in the market and succeed despite the presence of competitors. Now constructed of five principal operation companies, FedEx Express, FedEx Freight, FedEx Trade Networks, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Custom Critical, this company delivers millions of packages to customers every day, expanding far beyond what Smith started with back in 1971.

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