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UPS: tracking your package with this worldwide express carrier

United Parcel Service, often more well-known as UPS, is a US multinational shipping and receiving company that also engages in supply chain management. It is used all over the globe as one of the largest shipping couriers, transporting parcels and documents from one location to another with speedy delivery services. This included next-day, overnight, and same-day shipping, with this company making more on-time, overnight deliveries in the US than any other! If you want to know more about this express carrier and how you can track shipments relating to this service, read on for more information!

How to track UPS shipments

Let's face it: you like knowing where your package is and exactly when it will arrive at your desired destination. With developing technology in this modern age, it's become easier and easier for companies to allow customers to track their packages, and United Parcel Service is no different. To track your package – or packages – go to online and enter your tracking number to track the status of the package.

If your shipment's UPS tracking doesn't appear to update, please note that customers usually have to allow 24 hours to pass before the shipment's UPS tracking number is logged by the carrier. Before this period, your package might yet not have been picked up or scanned by the courier. If you're still having difficulty locating the package, it's advisable to contact the sender to develop a UPS trace process. Your query should be answered by the sender promptly with the progress of your specific shipment.

Finding the UPS tracking number

If you're struggling to find your UPS tracking number, don't worry – it's simple enough to find it and start tracking your package! Log in to access your shipping history page, where a tracking summary page can be located. This summary will display the information for every UPS CampusShip shipment you have made, including your status for the shipment, tracking number, and some summary information. This information may include the estimated delivery date, shipping service, number of parcels, and destination.

What does the UPS tracking number look like?

For added clarity, it might be worth noting what a UPS tracking number actually looks like. For domestic packages within the US, a UPS tracking number will commonly start with '1Z'. This will then be followed by a 6-character number, including both numbers and letters, a 2-digit service level indicator, and also an 8-digit number that identifies the package. This makes up a grand total of 18 characters.

UPS tracking statuses and their meanings

Various common tracking statuses can occur when you track your delivery. This will be updated as the shipment moves with the network. To be aware of their meanings, take a look at the descriptions below!

Origin Scan: this means that UPS has received the shipment.

Arrival Scan: this electronic record indicates that the shipment has been received at a UPS facility.

Clearance in Progress: the shipment is in the process of customs clearance.

Clearance Completed: the shipment has cleared customs.

In Transit: the shipment is moving in the UPS network, and it is estimated to be delivered on the scheduled date of delivery.

Departure Scan: the shipment has left a UPS facility and is on its way to the next one.

On Vehicle for Delivery: the shipment has reached the UPS facility responsible for delivery and it has been dispatched to a driver.

Delivered: the shipment has reached the desired destination and the date and time of this delivery have been recorded.

Returning to the Sender: UPS is in the process of returning the shipment to the sender.

Returned to the Sender: UPS has delivered the shipment back to the sender.

The background of UPS

Starting back in 1907, UPS was born in Seattle, USA, by two teenagers, James Casey and Claude Ryan. Using Ryan's uncle's tavern cellar to set up shop, their very first employees commonly made deliveries via bicycle or on foot. Whilst Ryan left the company in 1917, Casey decided to expand it further outside of the original city. It was in 1925 that the company became fully known as the United Parcel Service, operating all over the West Coast by the end of this decade. The company continued to grow with demanding success, with Casey working in UPS management until he died in 1983. Offering shipment services has now become natural for this world-famous company, with its success spanning partly from the convenience and quality service offered to customers all over the globe.

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